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What is CAD?

The letters CAD stand for computer-aided design.  Some refer to CAD as computer aided drafting as well. Backyard Flare uses CAD software to create plan and construction drawings for our outdoor design concepts.  By using CAD, Backyard Flare is able to provide you with professional detailed views of your outdoor fireplace and kitchen and the placement of each block in the rows as you build it. CAD makes it possible to draw with exact dimensions and measurements. This insures you will receive the finest outdoor design plan possible.

These stacked blocks show what Backyard Flare design plans look like. If you are interested in learning more about our drawings, please email us.
Block Cluster

Check out our newest fireplace design.

The Prescott design is based off of our featured builder #1 fireplace.

Want to plan your construction project while it's cold? Let's get started. Contact us today!
Are you interested in a pizza oven? Check out the Flagstaff design above. Also, check out BrickWood Ovens to make your experience even easier for the DIY process.

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Build your own outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, or pizza oven using a Backyard Flare DIY construction plan.
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Join many other DIY homeowners building our outdoor kitchen and fireplace designs. We've helped people build their dreams of outdoor comfort in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, Kenya, Mexico, and Russia!

Site photo2Have you ever given any thought to building your very own outdoor fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven or kitchen?  A backyard retreat can be very relaxing and it doesn't have to be that expensive. Even if you've never built anything of this magnitude, you can build a masonry constructed fireplace or grill structure. 

Even though there may be a bit of apprehension with respect to masonry and cinder block work, it’s not as difficult as it may appear.  And you can save thousands by doing it yourself. See our Testimonials for an example of how much you can save. The fireplace pictured above was built in his own backyard in Tucson, Arizona, by Dan, the founder of Backyard Flare, LLC, and no contractor was used at any time.

Let Backyard Flare, LLC design your outdoor structure for you. Backyard Flare, LLC can assist you in managing your masonry fear by providing you a detailed, DIY step-by-step outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or kitchen/barbeque construction plan.  With the turn of each page you will be led row by row as you build your beautiful outdoor structure.  The plans include a list of materials and tools needed, large 3 dimensional CAD drawings for each row of building progression, helpful hints and reminders for you to use along the way, and detailed – easy to follow – written instructions.

TomAll standard Backyard Flare fireplace or kitchen construction plans on this site are $39.99. If you see a design you like but want some changes made we can accommodate you. We do it all the time for our customers. The price of a changed plan will depend on the level of complexity of your changes. If you want a custom fireplace design that will fit your outdoor space, contact us and let's discuss how we can assist you. You will end up with a one of a kind structure! The same goes for your outdoor kitchen or pizza oven. We can design a great look for your outdoor area. Most of the designs in our gallery are available as well. Call us and we can discuss your design ideas.

We have put a great deal of thought and time into our outdoor fireplace and kitchen design plans and we are know you won't be disappointed. Our construction plans are as detailed as you will find anywhere.

If you have any questions or if you just want to know a little more about our products, email Dan at dan@backyardflare.com or call Dan at (520) 269-9740. Tell us how we can help you fulfill your outdoor fireplace, pizza oven, or kitchen dream. Dan can help you with suggestions depending on your available building area, level of difficulty in building, and with different design ideas. In the end, your fireplace, pizza oven, or outdoor kitchen design will be what you want, designed to fit your space.

If you choose Backyard Flare, LLC, be confident in knowing that we will be there for you along the way, and that you will receive the most comprehensive do-it-yourself outdoor fireplace, oven, or kitchen construction plan on the market.

Check out our "Fireplace Plans" page to see our standard outdoor fireplace designs. The animated renderings for each fireplace design will show you the overall shape of the fireplace only and are not intended to guide you into a specific finished product. We are continuously working on new designs and we'll add them periodically.

Thank you for your interest in a Backyard Flare, LLC outdoor fireplace and kitchen design plan.  Your business is greatly appreciated.  Please contact us with any questions at dan@backyardflare.com. We will get back with you shortly.


CAD drawing


When you reach the end of your fireplace build, you will have a structure made entirely of cinder block such as the CAD diagram pictured. Your detailed plans will guide you row by row. The CAD diagrams will show the exact placement and orientation of each block as you build.




We are interested in hearing your feedback about our products and our site. If there is anything you wish to share, please contact us. Thank you for visiting and come back again soon!

Check out our DIY backyard fireplace completions sent in by our customers, like these. Visit our "GALLERY" for more great customer pics.